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Tea, love, purpose: The cornerstones of Discover Teas. The focus has always been on helping people discover delicious tea. Discover Teas has been a lot of things since its opening in 2011; currently, it's a microbusiness with only one full-time employee who doubles as the business owner. It's great to meet you! is now a one-person microbusiness. It's great to meet you!


Mai-Anh Tran, Business Owner


Chief Pun-ancial Officer/Tea Blending Addict

Last Tea on Earth:
It depends based on my mood, so I'll go with "another sip of the last one I steeped"!

Favorite Animal:
Sharks, because they have survived over millions of years and are freaking awesome, albeit vastly misunderstood

What Tea Means To Me:
A moment to myself that I can share with others

When Nobody’s Looking, I Use My Tea:
As a secret ingredient in almost everything I cook or bake. I love experimen-teaing! ;D

Why Discover Teas?
Discover Teas is an outlet for my skills and creativity. It’s not just a job, it’s a family and a lifestyle in which I find every bit of passion and personality I invest rewarded back to me a hundredfold. It’s a way for me to educate, inspire, share, and help build a dream, one cup at a time.

Is it really only you working at Discover Teas?
I'm not just the owner, I am currently Discover Teas' only full-time employee! While we occasionally hire on part-time workers and contractors for events or other needs, your tea shipments are blended, packed, and shipped by yours truly!

Mai-Anh recommends:
Dark Rose, Japan Izu Matcha, Keemun Panda #1, Blooms that Brighten, Lavender Lemonade, Mo-Rockin' Mint, Summer Mojito, Formosa Oolong, Pirate's Boo-Tea, Chocolate Chai, Decaf Orange Spice, Black and Blue Monk, Thai Lemon Ginger, Lychee Jasmine, Sunshine GreenJamestown Gunpowder, Jasmine GreenRooibos Provence, Ontario Icewine, Apple Ceylon, Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1, Earl GreyChocolate-Covered Strawberry, Bella CoolaGenmaichaYorktown Patty, Watermelon Oolong, Whimsicle, and the latest Weekly Test Kitchen blend (and the previous ones, too!)


While it's just me now, Discover Teas and I wouldn't be here without the hard work, dedication, and passion of those who came before us. In addition to other members of the tea family who have left their mark on the company in the past (Hi Kristy, Arthur, Mary, Jacob, Kristi, and Shannon!), Discover Teas owes its existence to our founder and former owner Chris Farishon and company herbalist Kenneth Roberts.

Scroll below to read more about them, and click to learn more about our September 2017 transition, which would not have been possible without Emily, who shared the title of Discover Teas co-owner with me for a while and has since left the business!


Chris Farishon

Founder and Owner Emerita (through September 2017)

Last tea on Earth:
Glenburn Moonshine Oolong

Favorite animal:
Felines, for their mystique

What tea means to me:
Nurturing my soul

How I use my tea when nobody's looking:
As aromatherapy to shift my mood by blending our House Blends

Why Discover Teas?
It is my sanctuary and my ministry. I feel a responsibility to do my part to make this world a better place. Tea, to me, is a beautiful vehicle to spread love and peace.

Chris recommends:
Glenburn Darjeeling Green, Jasmine Dragon Tears, White Eagle Long Life, Creamy Earl Green, Year of the Dragon, Wild Blackberry Shaman, Bourbon St. Vanilla Rooibos, Monks Blend, DigesTEA, Dark Rose Hearts


Ken Roberts

Hippie Tea Lover, Herbalist Emeritus (through September 2017)

Last tea on Earth:
Peregrine Mountain

Favorite animal:
Dragons, because I am one, haha

What tea means to me:
Holy water that connects me to the divine

How I use my tea when nobody's looking:
In cocktails or popsicles or meat marinades. I also infuse it with reiki. I will often compost my steeped tea leaves. If I’m feeling really clumsy it makes great carpet freshener too!

Why Discover Teas?
Tea is one of the purest, most ancient healing herbs on the planet. It connects me with the mountains and fields all over the world, allowing me to be there for at least the time it takes to enjoy the teapot. I love being able to share my knowledge and love for this incredible plant every day!

Ken recommends:
King Hsuan Oolong, Peregrine Mountain, Keemun Panda #1, Peaceful Pathways, Piña Colada, Anthony & Cleopatra Hearts, and EVERYTHING from Glenburn Estates


Emily Kamp

Senior Pun-ancial Advisor/Fanatical Devo-Tea

Last Tea on Earth:
Monks Blend

Favorite Animal:
Spiders! They get such a bad rep, but they eat flies and mosquitoes and spin pretty webs

What Tea Means To Me:
Tapping into centuries of accumulated wisdom

When Nobody’s Looking, I Use My Tea:
In healing herbal baths and as compost for my herb and veggie garden

Why Discover Teas?
I love working in a job where ethics make a real difference. We choose, with each of our teas, to support tea growers who use high-quality ingredients and treat their employees well, so when we say we operate from a place of love, we really mean it — not just love for our customers, but love for the people who bring us our teas, and love for the plants that give us such wonderful drinks.

Emily recommends:

Monks Blend, King Hsuan Oolong, Jasmine Dragon Tears, Peregrine Mountain, Glenburn Four Seasons Darjeeling, Year of the Dragon, MetaboTEA, AnxieTEA, Pastille, Winter DreamsLe Marche Spice, Anthony & Cleopatra Hearts


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