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Jul 29 2021 In Tea Journal By

Emily Says Goodbye and Raises a Cup to Discover Teas

It’s with not a little bittersweetness in my heart that I say this, but it is time for me to bid farewell to Discover Teas. A little over six years ago, I joined this team when Discover Teas was still a brick-and-mortar tea shop. I have fond memories of brewing cups for customers, listening in on herbalism classes, and leading my own workshops in those spaces! Since then, the business has gone in directions I would never have dreamed. We’ve expanded our lineup of conventions, and you can find our blends in amazing shops and small businesses throughout Hampton Roads. Discover Teas has also, with this pandemic, experienced situations I would never have dreamed of or wished for, and thanks to our amazing tea family of customers and supporters, and especially to my business partner and Discover Teas co-owner Mai-Anh, we’ve been making it through!

I owe a great deal to Mai-Anh and the effort that she’s put into running this business, especially during this time where it's essential for everyone to keep each other safe. I know that with her expertise continuing on at the helm, Discover Teas will continue charting its course to newer and better and brighter things still! As for me, I will be focusing on offering classes, workshops, rituals, cleansings, and spiritual consultation through Pothos Consulting Services, taking care of my family and communities, and moving forward with some of my passions in customer service starting on Wednesday, August 11th. If you want to reach out to stay in touch or to learn more about how I can help you through Pothos, you can find me at

I want to thank everyone who has been part of my journey here, from our founder Chris and my coworkers, Ken and Mai-Anh, who welcomed me and taught me so much, to each and every one of you I’ve gotten to know over the course of working here. It’s been a blessing to grow my own knowledge and love for tea, and to help you do the same. It  has also been my sincere pleasure to share each and every terrible pun I have ever made with you all. Sorry, not sorry. You all have brought so much joy to my life, and I hope that joy continues on and radiates outward like the feeling of a warm sip of tea spreading through the body. May you drink many more cups of your favorite brews, and I hope maybe to see you around and raise a cup to you in person.

Discover Teas has taught me a lot about its core values of Love, Purpose, and Gratitude. I have loved deeply and sincerely the things I have learned and experienced here, and it is my sincere hope that we are all able to love ourselves and our communities in a spirit of justice and liberation. I have reaffirmed my love of learning and teaching and connecting with people, and am following that purpose as I leave. I wish for each of you to be able to follow your purpose as well. As for gratitude, I can’t think of any more accurate word to describe how I feel as I sit down to write this. Thank you all, and may the powers that be give you all good things.

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