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7 Steps to a Perfect Cup of Tea

1. Premium Tea

This may seem obvious, but quality of tea does make a difference in the cup! To make a great cup of tea, start with fine, premium loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea is fresher, fuller, and much more flavorful than bag tea. Plus loose leaf has more health benefits since it retains more of the plant’s vital essence!

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Making Iced Tea

There are several different ways to make iced tea with your favorite loose-leaf tea (and not all of them even have to involve ice!).

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Milk in Tea?

In 2007 a study conducted in Germany showed that adding milk may negate any health benefit associated with drinking loose leaf black teas. Loose leaf black teas reportedly provide many benefits due to the phytochemicals in the tea plant called catechins which are antioxidants.

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Storing Fine Teas

When stored correctly, fine loose leaf tea can stay fresh and flavorful for six months to a year. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Tea Brewing Guide

There are a plethora of tea varieties and many subtle flavors in teas. Steeping tea truly can be an art form. But more importantly, is to find what works best for your personal tastes.

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To Boil or Not To Boil

Depending on where you are, it is not even a question! There are definitely strong opinions on this subject for both sides. If in England, you more than likely will come across many who believe that boiling water is necessary to make a good cup of tea.

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