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Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Roberts

Thursday, 15 May 2014 14:57

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Recently I have had several requests for more information on Herbalism. Many come seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical medications, or ask if there is an herb that can heal this or that. So first things first I would like to talk a little about the philosophy behind the Western Medical Model and the Eastern Philosophy of wellness.

In the Western Medical model the body is viewed as a machine and dis-ease and symptoms are viewed as a sign it needs new parts or parts removed. Western medicine talks of “aggressively attacking dis –ease, destroying the invading bacterial or viral overgrowth, killing the cancer.” Pharmaceutical chemicals are used to impose a new balance in the body or force an organ or body system to change until it fits a “normal” range of activity.

In Eastern philosophies the body is viewed as having an innate wellness. One does not “treat” symptoms, illness or dis-ease. In Eastern philosophy the whole being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is taken into account and supported. This allows the natural functions of the body which was designed to heal itself to re-establish that state of innate wellness and harmony.  The body has basic functions like cleansing and elimination, circulation of blood, phlegm and mucous, digestion of foods and assimilation of nutrients. If one of these systems is out of balance the body responds.

I have spent many years studying herbalism, alternative healthcare systems and adjunctive therapies. I have studied anatomy and physiology, quantum physics, Reiki, aromatherapy, Japanese and Swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology, psychology, spirituality and many other subjects that have given me a unique perspective on how the human body works. I tend towards more of an Eastern Philosophy when it comes to my view of the human body.

My goal in writing this blog is to open your hearts and minds to the potential you have to heal yourselves. My wish is to guide people to reclaim the authority over their own wellness and bodies.  My hope is that you will educate yourselves and learn how to listen to your body and respond with intention and clarity.

I am not a doctor. I do not treat or diagnose any dis-ease or symptomology. I have spent years learning about herbs and exploring which ones were beneficial for my innate wellness and balance. We currently carry a wide variety of herbs that do not treat dis-ease or illness. They are natural spices and herbs that may help support your body in achieving and maintaining an innate sense of wellness and harmony.

I will be taking questions about herbs and answering with what I have read and encouraging you to read for yourselves. We will together, learn how to research and find answers for ourselves. Each month I will answer questions submitted by readers. I plan to highlight an herb we carry and share links to websites that are reputable. We can have a discussion and discover together the wonderful world of Herbs and Spices. If you have a question about an herb or spice you can email me at

Friday, 21 February 2014 13:58

Are You a Ball of Anxiety? Steep, and Chill

I would like to introduce you to our latest WellTEAing herbal: Anxietea! This is a blend designed to help with the common effects of anxiety such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, as well as the over-active mental aspects.

After several requests for something to help with anxiety attacks, I put together a blend of our Egyptian Chamomile, which has a phytochemical that acts as a neural sedative; our Passionflower, which has some relaxation and sedative benefits; and our Honeybush Rooibos blend, which has many vitamins and minerals for regenerating healthy new cells.
Several of the people who are currently using this blend have commented that it has helped with public speaking, job interviews, tests such as midterms, high anxiety situations, panic attacks, and many have also extolled its ability to help with insomnia. Our AnxieTea not only works, it tastes great! Steep a cup, take a deep breath, and enjoy the calm. Available in store, by phone, and soon to hit our online shop--stay tuned.

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