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Are You a Ball of Anxiety? Steep, and Chill

I would like to introduce you to our latest WellTEAing herbal: Anxietea! This is a blend designed to help with the common effects of anxiety such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, as well as the over-active mental aspects.

After several requests for something to help with anxiety attacks, I put together a blend of our Egyptian Chamomile, which has a phytochemical that acts as a neural sedative; our Passionflower, which has some relaxation and sedative benefits; and our Honeybush Rooibos blend, which has many vitamins and minerals for regenerating healthy new cells.
Several of the people who are currently using this blend have commented that it has helped with public speaking, job interviews, tests such as midterms, high anxiety situations, panic attacks, and many have also extolled its ability to help with insomnia. Our AnxieTea not only works, it tastes great! Steep a cup, take a deep breath, and enjoy the calm. Available in store, by phone, and soon to hit our online shop--stay tuned.

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