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Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Roberts

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 17:33

An Herbalist Sprouts

As a child, a passion for natural remedies was ignited in me by my Grandmother. She was an herbalist in the traditional sense of the word, a woman who knew how to work with nature to maintain the health and happiness of her family. Her medicines consisted of ancient family recipes for when you had a fever, a cold or even when something much more serious came up. She also made many of her own facial creams, lotions and shampoo.

I was a bit of a hypochondriac growing up, and consequently, when I did not feel like going to school I would pretend to come down with a temporary bug. Grandma would send me out to gather different flowers, stems and twigs, and sometimes even whole bushes and small plants. I would bring them home and she would hang or rack them to dry while she pulled out some of her existing stock to create a concoction, decoction or an infusion for me. Often, the taste of her remedies were seemingly worse than the illness! However, they always worked.

Years later, after I had become a master herbalist and was creating my own herbal blends which had beautiful if somewhat earthy flavor notes, I asked her, “Why did your herbals always taste so bitter or just foul?” She laughed and, in her lilting Irish accent, told me that, “You were such a wee little hypochondriac, the only way I knew you were truly sick is if you would drink it!”

Despite the noxious taste of her brews, the fact that Grandma was able to help cure my ailments with nothing more than plants I could gather from outside made a strong impact on me. It sparked an interest that has never gone away. It is because of Grandma’s herbal creations that I have spent more than 35 years studying, researching and utilizing herbs as my primary health care form. Sharing the knowledge I have gained with our tea community has become the medium for my art and passion.

And since I am now making my own blends, I can make sure they taste good! Each of our WellTeaing herbal blends has a different flavor profile, from mild AnxieTea and RespiraTea to spicy DecongesTea and earthy DigesTea and ArthriTea, and more. Of course, since everyone has different tastes, the flavor will not appeal to everyone just because it is better than what Grandma made. For those who need a little flavor boost, we often recommend adding one of our fruit blends to the mixture, or sometimes even just a touch of honey. After all, even the healthiest tea in the world will do you no good if you don’t drink it!

Several years ago, a friend was having issues with high pain levels caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis. I set out to create an herbal blend for her to help reduce the inflammation and pain. That was the inspiration for our ArthriTea WellTeaing blend.

The goal was to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and cleanse the blood and tissues. It also increases diuresis in order to help remove the biochemicals that cause pain responses in the body rather than just moving them around to other places in the body.

One of the main ingredients in ArthriTea is angelica root, which has some incredible anti-inflammatory benefits, especially when combined with the other anti-inflammatory herbs in the blend, such as our lemongrass and ginger. The dandelion in the blend helps the blood to metabolize all the chemistry flushed out of the inflamed areas but also helps with the diuresis. There is also a hint of fennel, which contains anethole to inhibit and prevent inflammation. I top that list off with some good old-fashioned white willow bark to relieve pain. White willow bark acts as an analgesic through its concentration of salicylic acid, a natural form of aspirin which will not destroy the lining of your stomach or damage the liver.

I often use a blend of rooibos and honeybush as the base for my herbal blends mainly due to the highly assimilable vitamin and mineral content; plus they both have great flavor and are caffeine-free, so you can drink them whenever best fits your schedule and needs.

In fact, the ArthriTea blend turned out to be even more effective than I anticipated. Many customers tell us that they find relief by drinking it on a daily basis. It’s not just for chronic arthritis or pain but can be very helpful with acute situations as well. We have had people tell us it sped up their recovery after surgery, reduced pain associated with fibromyalgia, and even a testimonial that it helped reduce inflammation after a broken bone.

Today it is estimated that 90% of our chronic healthcare issues are caused by or related to inflammation. If you are looking for an alternative to addictive opioids and over-the-counter pain meds, it is well worth trying something that is natural, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and available at your friendly local one-stop tea shop.

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