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Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Roberts

Saturday, 12 January 2013 11:19

Magic of Slimming Goddess Oolong

Our Slimming Goddess House Blend has three simple ingredients that when combined, have many functions. First off it has a Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong which acts as an appetite suppressant when consumed before and during meals. Oolong teas have an amylase inhibitor which prevents carbohydrates and starches from converting to sugar in the bloodstream. This allows those calories to be burned instead of converting to sugars that deposit as fats. Oolongs can also break down trans fats and saturated fats and improve digestion of rich fatty foods.

Tea in general gently stimulates thyroid and the adrenal glands. Oolongs have been shown to do this more than other tea varieties, hence their notoriety for metabolism-boosting properties.

Slimming Goddess also has Ginger and Lemongrass in the mix, both of which are anti-inflammatory for the mucous membranes of the body such as sinuses, joints and digestive system. They help break down and digest trans fats and saturated fats in our diet and flush the mucous out of the digestive tract, which in turn allows for increased assimilation of more of the nutrients from our diet, which can help us feel fuller faster.

There you have it, a triple punch tea blend. Add that to a healthy diet, excersise, and mindful living; great way to start the year on a positive foot.

Monday, 10 December 2012 18:02

Global Warming and Tea Prices in China

Regardless of your views on climate change and global warming, there are droughts occurring in nearly every nation on Earth. Southwestern China has been experiencing a drought that began in 2009. India has been experiencing drought conditions in both the Assam and Darjeeling regions. Sri Lanka has recently been suffering from drought as well.

The longer, hotter, dryer seasons are having a toll on the yield of tea production in every one of these countries. In China where the yield in some regions is reportedly down by a full third of last year’s production, it forces small the plantations to sell in small batches to adjust to daily and weekly price changes. India has reported 20% decreases in yield and production, which drives the cost up.

For example our exquisite Darjeeling Silver Needle from the Glenburn Estate. Even hard core fans of Silver Needle fawn over how gorgeous it is. Truly reflecting the best of the best silver. Though one of our most expensive teas, it sells incredibly fast. This year’s crop (freshly picked this last September) only produced a mere 24 pounds; and we picked up only a few of those to bring into the shop. When it’s gone, it’s gone folks; that’s it till next year. However, with this limited quantity comes a price tag doubling in cost. That’s the nature of a commodity; it all comes down to basic supply and demand.

The weather may change and the production of tea may rise and fall, but rest assure there is enough tea to fill the needs of the ever growing love of tea amongst us.

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