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May 02 2016 In Tea Journal By

Tea is For Teachers

As former high school teachers, Emily and I are often asked, "Why did you leave the education sector?"

The long answer is that we merely changed subjects and environments. Although I started at Discover Teas a little over a year before Emily did, we were both drawn to the educational aspect of Discover Teas. It is one of the major factors that helps set us apart from other retail options, and called to our passion for helping people learn, both at events such as our tea tastings and tea classes, and in simple one-on-one Q&A sessions with our customers. As with most teachers, we love learning as much as we do educating, and both dove in with gusto when we discovered the vast depths involved in the world of tea. There is so much more to tea than most people have been taught, and it's always exciting to be able to open the doors to others or clear up long-held misconceptions or confusion. We love being able to expand horizons and help people learn something new every day! 

Instead of teaching world languages, we're now teaching about the differences between green, black, white, and oolong teas. Instead of classrooms, we get to teach in a soothing, laid-back environment, surrounded by tea. 

So, when people ask us, "why did you leave education," our short answer is: We never did. In fact, we have great respect and affection for our former colleagues, which is why this May, for National Teacher Appreciation Month, we're proud to be hosting our first Tea for Teachers Grade-In event on May 28th. 

What's a Grade-In? Well, if you're an educator who is tired of spending countless hours in the classroom after the final bell, or if you find it hard to concentrate on grading at home where there are a million other things to do and the bed is far too tempting, try a change of scenery! Come enjoy a cup (or pot) of tea and our free Wi-Fi at both Discover Teas Williamsburg and Discover Teas Port Warwick, where you can enjoy working through stacks of grading or other work in a relaxing, stress-free environment. The calming, yet stimulating properties of tea are a natural match for helping you stay on task while managing your stress, and we have over a hundred different varieties of tea, including blends like our Mo-Rockin' Mint, which is excellent for helping maintain focus and boost energy. Who knows? You might learn something new about tea, too!

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