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Hi tea lovers! It's Mai-Anh. 2021 brought a lot of change to the world, to our communities, and to Discover Teas. As I move forward as a 1-woman show, I know that there are changes I need to make in order to keep Discover Teas running smoothly and safely. In addition to that, I hope to be able to introduce the new soon for a more stable shopping experience.

As I make these decisions, it's truly important to me not to lose sight of what matters most to you, the Discover Teas tea family. Without your support, Discover Teas wouldn't be here today and could not continue, and I am always grateful for the opportunity to continue bringing you tea with love.

So, as I plan for what's next, I want to reach out to YOU and gather your opinions on what you'd like to see as we move forward together with Discover Teas. I've put together a list of questions to help you tell me what you'd like me to focus on most (or first) as I come up with new ideas to improve the Discover Teas experience.

At their core, these questions are meant for me to learn 2 things:

• What do you want Discover Teas to KEEP doing? What do you appreciate about our goals and values and how do they align with yours?


• What do you want Discover Teas to START doing? What new things would you like to see from Discover Teas that I can, realistically, provide for you?

I've split these questions into different polls below because while I value your input, I also value your time, and I want to accommodate those for whom it's easier to answer each question individually than all at once. Each individual question should take about 5 minutes to answer.

However, if it's easier for you to answer everything all in one sitting, I've also consolidated the questions here, where they may take about 10–15 minutes to complete in one sitting.

Please feel free to use whichever method works best for you—and thank you so much for sharing your input with me!

What's most important to you about shopping Discover Teas?

(Answers to this question will be used to see which values you most appreciate supporting in your Discover Teas ordering and content experience)

What is your favorite part of the ordering experience at Discover Teas?

(Answers to this question will be used to help me decide what to prioritize, particularly during high-volume times)

What features would you most like to see on the new

(Answers to this question will be used to prioritize features and content creation for our new website)

Which new products would you like to see from Discover Teas?

(Answers to this question will be used to help me determine what new products to research to add value to your Discover Teas purchases)

What kind of information would you like to see about tea?

(Answers to this question will be used to guide Discover Teas' social media strategy, newsletter content, and potential online workshops)

Aside from tea, what other things do you enjoy?

(Answers to this question will be used to guide me when deciding on, approaching, or creating potential partnerships or crossover products)

To answer all of the questions in ONE survey, click here!

Again, thank you so much for your input! Now that I'm a solopreneur, and with recent increases in our overhead at Discover Teas, there is a limited amount of things I can do while still providing a quality Discover Teas experience, and your response will help me build a better Discover Teas for everyone. I may not be able to make everyone happy, but I will take each survey response into account as I plan for the future.

—Mai-Anh ♥

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 11:48

By popular request: New herbs in stock!

More and more people these days are taking a more active role in learning about ways herbs can work in conjunction with their therapies. Many of them ask us about specific herbs that stand out to them in their research. Since we have always been focused on sparking curiosity and helping people learn, nothing could make us happier!

That's why we are so pleased to announce that we are now carrying four herbs that have been in high demand with Discover Teas clients recently: Ginkgo biloba, nettle leaf, mugwort, and chrysanthemum. All four of these herbs have been used for centuries for various health-related purposes, whether for physical, mental, or even spiritual health in some cases.

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest tree species on the planet, remaining unchanged in the fossil record for over 200 million years. Not only that, the trees themselves are extraordinarily long-lived, with lifespans in the multiple-century mark and certain specimens known to survive over a thousand years. Often planted alongside Buddhist places of worship, it is venerated as a symbol of peace and longevity. Ginkgo is being studied for its potential effects on improving memory and supporting cognitive abilities, and the leaves also have a high amount of antioxidants. It is also being studied for its effects on blood circulation, so those who are pregnant, nursing, or on anticoagulants are advised not to take ginkgo without physician approval.

For centuries, nettle leaf has been used for various purposes around the world. While stinging species of nettle invoke inflammatory reactions on contact with the fresh plant, when safely processed, it has actually been used to help with inflammation. There are also claims that it is effective for seasonal allergies and circulation. Nettle also has a high polyphenol content and is very nutrient-dense; it's often eaten or drunk just for those benefits and for its mild, hay-like flavor. In addition to its medicinal and culinary uses, nettle fibers have been used for clothing and rope as well. Those who are pregnant, nursing, or taking anticoagulants, lithium, blood sugar, or blood pressure medication should consult a doctor before taking nettle.

Mugwort has long been enjoyed for its flavor and health benefits in East Asia, where it is a common component of soups, salads, rice cakes, and jellies. It is seen in a more mystical light in Europe and North America, where it has been used to repel insects, protect against fatigue, draw out poison, and reportedly enhance visions. Mugwort is claimed to have many medicinal benefits, including help with gastrointestinal concerns, fevers, menstrual concerns, and circulation. It is, however, actively dangerous for pregnancies, and those who are nursing or who have ragweed allergies should also avoid this herb.

All over the world, chrysanthemum flowers are admired for their petals and many colors. In East Asia, it is a popular staple both as a tea and for its purported medicinal qualities. The mild, honey-sweet flavor and light golden hue of chrysanthemum tea make it easy to love whether hot or iced. A traditional "cooling" herb, it is also said to be effective for digestion, eye strain, chest pain, and headaches. Studies are ongoing as to its potential efficacy for helping with inflammation and osteoporosis. It is not recommended for people who have ragweed allergies, and those who are pregnant, nursing, or taking blood sugar or blood pressure medication should check with their physician before drinking chrysanthemum.

Here at Discover Teas, we are always on the lookout for more ways we can help our wide-ranging tea family add to their store of knowledge (and tea!). If you're interested in learning about a particular herb or tea we don't carry, you can always contact us through our Facebook page or at!

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