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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 17:46

Serving Our Communi-Tea at Tastefully Yours

Folks dressed to the nines drifted through the elaborately-decorated hall, stopping by the many booths dolled up to fit this year’s Parisian theme, the air was filled with the sounds of live music and the aromas of delicious food from all over the world, and the tea was hot and ready to go. That was the scene at the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank’s 24th Annual Tastefully Yours food tasting event and fundraiser on April 13th, 2017 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. As usual, the room was packed with people enjoying quality food and beverage samples offered by local businesses such as Fin Seafood, Mango Mangeaux, Thank Goodness It’s Homemade, CookieText, and, of course, yours truly, Discover Teas, all serving up samples of our specialties to the hungry (and thirsty!) crowd.

Once again, Emily and I were behind the table at our booth this year, accompanied by Emily’s husband C.J., who was kind enough to volunteer his help. As usual, we had a blast! All three of us love great food (C.J. and I are both what people might call “foodies”), and there was plenty to be had at the event, with over 30 participating restaurants, businesses, and culinary programs present. It was wonderful to be among such awesome company and to meet so many people excited and interested in tasting our teas.

This was the third year in which we’ve been able to be at Tastefully Yours. We love the event, not only because we get to share our delicious teas with the community (this year we sampled our Blooms that Brighten and Rooibos Provence), but also because we enjoy getting out and getting to know other quality local food and beverage businesses in our area. It’s also a great way to contribute towards a good cause.

The Virginia Peninsula Foodbank’s mission is to assist, support, and empower the over 74,000 food-insecure people in the Greater Peninsula area through various initiatives, partnerships, and programs. They focus not only on distributing food to those who need it in the area, but also on education and community-building opportunities, such as their Culinary Training Program (whose samples at the event were delicious!).

As a local business, we have always been committed to helping out our community here at Discover Teas. We may not have unlimited staff or resources, but we are dedicated to our core values of Love, Purpose, and Gratitude.

Happy new year! If you're one of the 45% of Americans who usually make New Year's resolutions, the year of change ahead may look daunting to you. So, here are some tips on how to make tea your key to success in three of the most common resolutions:

  1. Tea for exercising!
    Need an extra boost for your workout? Let tea be your energy drink! As we all know, it's important to stay hydrated when we're exercising, and despite common myths, tea is actually a great choice for hydrating your body. In addition to blends such as our MetaboTea (which is great for helping those with active lifestyles keep their metabolisms running efficiently), you can use tea for anything from motivation to recovery. If inflammation is a problem, the natural anti-inflammatory properties of our ArthriTea or Green Jaguar blend can help you prepare for or recover from a tough workout. Rooibos blends are chock-full of healthy vitamins that can help replenish nutrients and strengthen bone density. Or how about a cup of mate, whose exercise-friendly benefits range from stimulating energy and focus to burning stored fat? With tea on your side, exercising can be easier (and tastier) than ever!

  2. Tea as your dieting wingman!
    Sometimes it seems like there are more diets than people! However, almost all diets allow you to drink (all-natural) tea or herbal tisanes, many of which can help you accomplish your diet goals. Our Gentle Cleanse WellTeaing blend helps support your liver and kidneys in clearing the body systems and is a great natural alternative to harsh chemical detoxes that strip your body of nutrients. Many dessert fans can benefit from having a small amount of something naturally sweet after meals in order to curb cravings, such as our Chocolate-Covered Strawberry or Yorktown Patty house blends. If appetite in general is a problem, the appetite-suppressant properties of our Slimming Goddess Oolong may help you feel fuller faster as well. Is soda your trouble point? Make some sparkling tea to help you say goodbye to those cravings and hello to a healthier you!

  3. Tea as a de-stressing aid!
    Trying to stress less in the new year? Tea is a great tool for helping to reduce stress in your life. Our AnxieTea blend can help calm racing minds with the neurosedative effects of passionflower and Egyptian chamomile. Making a cup of tea in the morning is also an excellent way to set your intentions for the day. If you want to try meditating to help calm down but can't find the time, use the act of brewing a relaxing cuppa as a meditative moment to nurture yourself and focus on the present. And since the caffeine composition in tea is different from that in coffee, those quitting caffeine for its negative effects on the nervous system may find solace in tea.

Remember, resolutions are supposed to help you be a better you—knowing who you are and loving yourself is the best way to learn how you can improve yourself. Start by treating yourself with a nurturing cup of tea!

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