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Virtual Wu Wo Tea Ceremony Registration

Virtual Wu Wo Tea Ceremony Registration


On Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 at 2:30pm Eastern, join Discover Teas for a virtual afternoon of tea and sharing! This year's theme for our Virtual Wū Wǒ tea ceremony is: Community.

無我 or Wū Wǒ (without self) is a modern, easy-to-learn Taiwanese tea ceremony that YOU can join! As always, Discover Teas' virtual Wū Wǒ ceremony is completely FREE to participate in as a steeper OR to observe. NO prior experience necessary—first-time steepers are welcome!

Standard Wu Wo ceremonies involve each steeper pouring tea for the other participants and observers. Discover Teas' long-distance twist on this is for each steeper to share a story or memory of the tea they choose to brew. For this year's theme, "community," please select a tea to brew that evokes thoughts and feelings of community for you, and be prepared to share those thoughts and feelings with everyone! You are free and welcome to steep whatever tea speaks to you, whether or not it's from Discover Teas.

ALL registered attendees (steepers and observers) will receive a free digital .pdf eBook of Tips & Techniques for Chilled Tea Treats via e-mail as a gift (please check your Spam folder for e-mails from!).

Steepers only: Register by 11:59pm EST on March 17th to also receive a FREE gift package which includes a tea-brewing magnet, recycled paper coaster, Wū Wǒ reference card, tea sample, and brew glitter to add sparkle to your tea, while supplies last! Ships to countries and regions served by USPS.

Tea sample options: Blueberry Peach black tea, Sunshine Green green tea, caffeine-free Lavender Lemonade herbal tisane. If you are not able to enjoy or gift these options, please share your needs in the Customer Notes section at checkout.

During the ceremony, we will take turns sharing stories before we all steep our teas and drink in old and new memories in silent community. If there are others in your steeping location who would like to observe, please feel free to pour tea for them as well.

As interaction is key for this event, steepers are welcome to have their video on or to use a virtual avatar such as a PNGtuber or VTuber, and to keep their mic on if they can find a space with minimal background noise (if that is not possible, that is fine). Observers are welcome and may leave video and mic off if desired (observers are requested to use a space with minimal background noise if leaving your mic on).

    All you need to join as a steeper:
  • Computer or other web-ready device (capable of video and mutable microphone)
  • A tea that evokes community for you (enough to steep for you and anyone else in your physical location you will be sharing tea with as part of the ceremony)
  • Your chosen way of making said tea (vessel, method, water at chosen temperature)
  • If you like, you can also add tea décor and show off your setup on-camera! (optional)

The ceremony will take place online as a Jitsi meeting (Jitsi is free and requires no download or account). Registered attendees will be e-mailed the virtual ceremony link before the ceremony begins on March 23rd, 2024, at 2:30pm Eastern (please check your Spam folder!).

Read more about the intent and in-person format of the Wū Wǒ ceremony here:

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