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Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Roberts

We have had several requests over the last year for a blend to help support the lungs for dealing with COPD, asthma, bronchitis and even a common chest cold. It has been a long time coming, but finally RespiraTea is here. This powerful respiratory blend includes herbs which have anti-inflammatory properties while also being anti infectious, cleansing, and tonic for the lungs and respiratory system.

The key to this blend is Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is still used today even by pharmaceutical companies for most cough and respiratory medications. (For more detailed information on Eucalyptus specifically, read my blog “A Breath of Fresh Air”.) Eucalyptus, when combined with the other following herbs used in this blend, make it an amazing addition to your medicine cabinet.

Mullein combined with marshmallow root helps provide a protective barrier while reducing inflammation to the lung surface. Mullein, which has been used for centuries to treat bronchitis and catarrh, is a known expectorant with anti-rheumatic properties and has anti-inflammatory properties for the mucosal lining of the lungs. Marshmallow root has mucilage which creates a protective coating on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tissues.

Licorice root is also a mucolytic herb that helps thin out mucous buildup and expel it easier. Licorice root has also been shown to help with nonproductive coughs and has some antibacterial properties.

Once these herbs have done their job in breaking down the congestion, dandelion is used to help cleanse the body and sage to cleanse the blood. I also added some lemon peel for the complementary flavor it creates when combined with eucalyptus leaf. Lemon peel or zest also provides an alkalizing effect for the body. A dollop of honey in this brew can help with a sore throat from excessive coughing.

As typically used in my WellTeaing blends, these herbs are blended with a base of rooibos and honeybush due to the rich vitamin and mineral content it provides. These are the building blocks to create new healthy cells as the body heals. I recommend a long steep of at least 12-15 minutes for the strongest benefits and drink within 15 minutes. Then breathe easy – aaahhhh.

Saturday, 12 December 2015 13:47

Fennel for Fast Digestive Relief

Fennel is one of several herbs used to give food and candies a licorice flavor, along with star anise and anise seed. Fennel has been used for centuries to address digestive issues like flatulence and bloating, but it is also amazing for soothing a colicky baby. Fennel is high in fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6--all which support heart health--plus it contains no cholesterol.

Several phytochemicals in fennel give it anti inflammatory properties that may make it useful for helping arthritis and joint pain, reducing inflammation in the intestinal tract and adrenal glands which boosts the metabolism, as well as breaking up inflammation in the lungs from mucous.

Many people enjoy eating a teaspoon of raw fennel seed daily to ease the stomach; you can even chew the seeds for bad breath or a dry mouth. If eating straight fennel isn’t appealing, it is found in our DigesTea, ArthriTea, and Mama2B WellTeaing blends, not to mention our tasty Pastille black tea House Blend with notes of rose and vanilla--it’s like candy!

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