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Thursday, 31 March 2016 10:44

5 Ways to Use Tea to Combat Your Stress

Are you exhausted from all the stress life keeps doling out? It seems to be coming from all directions, with nowhere to hide until finally crawling under the covers at night; only to wake up and have it all flood right back into consciousness. Day after day, dealing with the onslaught of stress takes its toll mentally, emotionally and physically. There’s no question that stress is a huge contributor to feeling out of sorts or even illness, diminishing quality of life.

In honor of April being Stress Awareness Month, let’s talk about easy ways to utilize tea to head off different types of stress, bringing back a sense of balance and empowerment.

1. Feeling emotionally drained, depressed, or moody: Certain teas with uplifting and mood elevating qualities may help flip the switch. Teas blended with Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, or bergamot (which is the signature note of an Earl Grey) have all be used historically to improve emotional states. We also have a tea blend that combines all these elements into one, our Blooms That Brighten House Blend. Sipping on a cup of this is like taking a walk through an English garden!

2. Exhausted, low energy, or mental fatigue: Energizing brews are in order here to find that motivation and clarity to face the day. To really jump start the morning on a high, try our Newport News Shipbuilders Brew. This black tea blend has potent caffeine and a bold, robust cuppa to get you running on all cylinders. For the green tea fan, go for the Mo-Rockin’ Mint blend containing a strong Gunpowder green tea with Spearmint and Peppermint, waking up mind and body. For an afternoon pick-me-up, our Minty Mocha Mata Madness is great to shake off nap’s siren song and increase mental focus.

3. Physically spent, worn out, or needing restoration: A session at the gym is a fantastic tool to combat stress! But what about recouping afterwards? The body needs rejuvenation to help heal after a tough workout, so reach for a hot or cold steep of MetaboTea. This tea and yerba mate blend with Ginger and damiana helps restore precious electrolytes and nutrients, hydrates the body, plus can provide that extra boost to the metabolism to take it to the next level. Rooibos is another excellent way to replenish essential nutrients and hydration. It’s an easy-on-the-body, natural energy drink! Try Thai Lemon Ginger Rooibos instead of reaching for a sugary sports drink.

If a way to destress isn’t in sight and that flight-or-fight mode is constantly being signaled throughout the body, the adrenal glands can get over taxed, free radicals build up in the blood, and the immune system can take a hit. In these cases, stock the shelf with our Gentle Cleanse and Defense Boost WellTeaing herbal blends. The Gentle Cleanse assists the detox process in the body by supporting the adrenal glands, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, and blood. It’s gentle enough to use every day. Our Defense Boost blend supports the immune system in general, helping the body stay strong.

4. Muscle tension, feeling uptight, or racing thoughts: Relaxation is key, so take a deep breath. Then pick up a cup of our Egyptian Chamomile. This particular chamomile is potent as a neural sedative. Enjoy it straight or blended with other herbs. Chill out and unwind with some Peaceful Pathways Tisane, a wonderful flavor adventure combining that chamomile with ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus, rose hip, coconut, pineapple, and apple. Need something a bit stronger to conquer panic attacks, palpitations, mind chatter, or even help fall asleep? Then reach for our AnxieTea WellTeaing blend. Another option is our Sleepeeze which is specifically formulated as a sleep aid blending that chamomile, ultra lavender and valerian root. This one is meant to work on all levels to help relax mentally, emotionally and physically for a good night sleep. 

5. Being off center, feeling lost, or losing purpose: Using tea for spiritual renewal is not a new concept; just ask any Buddhist monk. There’s a benefit to tea taking extra time and care, especially loose tea. It encourages mindfulness. Brewing tea is a great way to exercise ritual, stability and routine, and a healthy excuse to take a self-nurturing break. Making a pot of tea can become a meditation in itself. Whisk away to a misty mountain top retreat while preparing cup after cup of our King Hsuan Oolong throughout the day. The evocative, sweet floral notes will be a reminder to breathe deep, come to center, and appreciate the moment. 

In a world where stress is an everyday—sometimes every moment—occurrence, tea can be a powerful combatant to the resulting effects from it. Be prepared and have your own arsenal at hand to take back your life. Slow life down to the speed of tea.

Cookies: check. Balloons: check. Tea samples: check. Door prizes: check. List done and ready for the big 5 Year Anniversary Open House

But really, none of that matters all that much. Because when it comes down to it, it’s who shows up that really makes it a most special day. Getting to see all those beautiful, familiar faces that have shared the excitement along the way is my absolute favorite part of having our Annual Open House!

Customers from early on to brand new ones, friends, family, and some we haven't seen in years bring surprise visits. During the course of the day’s celebration, friend after friend cycles through our doors. It’s a swelling of emotion and appreciation as our tea family reunites. And just because someone doesn’t come in person, know that the presence, thoughts, joy and support is very tangible in my heart nonetheless.

When creating the model for Discover Teas, building a community was an integral part. And we keep building on that day after day. It’s about making a connection with someone. It’s about sharing experiences together. It’s about spreading love through tea, not just selling it.

None of this would be as important to me if it wasn’t for this community of tea lovers. Thank you for being part of this awesome journey and adventure through the last five years. Know you are loved.

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