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Mar 11 2016 In Tea Journal By

The Most Important Ingredient for a Tea Party

Cookies: check. Balloons: check. Tea samples: check. Door prizes: check. List done and ready for the big 5 Year Anniversary Open House

But really, none of that matters all that much. Because when it comes down to it, it’s who shows up that really makes it a most special day. Getting to see all those beautiful, familiar faces that have shared the excitement along the way is my absolute favorite part of having our Annual Open House!

Customers from early on to brand new ones, friends, family, and some we haven't seen in years bring surprise visits. During the course of the day’s celebration, friend after friend cycles through our doors. It’s a swelling of emotion and appreciation as our tea family reunites. And just because someone doesn’t come in person, know that the presence, thoughts, joy and support is very tangible in my heart nonetheless.

When creating the model for Discover Teas, building a community was an integral part. And we keep building on that day after day. It’s about making a connection with someone. It’s about sharing experiences together. It’s about spreading love through tea, not just selling it.

None of this would be as important to me if it wasn’t for this community of tea lovers. Thank you for being part of this awesome journey and adventure through the last five years. Know you are loved.

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