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Jun 10 2015 In Tea Journal By

What Would $100,000 Mean for Discover Teas?

Love. Purpose. Gratitude. From the moment we opened our first Discover Teas in March, 2011, our purpose has been to spread love through tea, making the world a better place one cup at a time. We are passionate about tea; however tea is simply the vehicle in which moments, memories, peace, connections, and healing can all be made. We hear time and time again from our tea family the impact tea has made in their life. With that, it is very validating to know that what started as a small dream has grown beyond my expectations. Even so, we are daring to dream larger.

When I first learned of the Chase Mission Main Street Grant program in which Chase is rewarding 20 small businesses across the country a $100,000 grant, I was hesitant to even toss Discover Teas into the hat. The competition has to be extremely tough. What would catch the eye of the judges to stand out as a contender? It became clear to me; it is our heart and the strong certainty in our purpose. So we began the application process.

Being a small business in today’s economic climate is incredibly difficult, not to mention competing with big box stores and huge corporate pocketbooks. Winning a cash infusion of $100,000 would be a game changer for us! In our proposed business plan for the grant, these funds would be put towards marketing, staffing, packaging and our online presence. We are daring to dream of taking the Discover Teas brand to the next level in the industry!

It’s not easy to put yourself out there, take a risk, and ask for support from all of those you know. But that’s what it’s taking for us now in this stage of Discover Teas’ evolution. In order to get us to the next round of qualifications in the grant process, we need to get 250 unique Facebook votes for Discover Teas. If each one of you took a minute to click on the link below, we could be in the running!! Your tea family is asking for your support now, and only our fans can help make this dream a reality. Vote today and spread the word in support of our small business! Forever grateful, your tea family at Discover Teas <3 

UPDATE 6/12/15: We hit our goal of fan votes to become eligible for the grant review process!! Thank you so much for all who voted and helped us get the word out! Now it is out of our hands and into the hands of the judges. Winners will be announced in September. Keep fingers crossed!

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