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Feb 06 2014 In Tea Journal By

Tea with Love

When I wake up in the morning and stand in my kitchen, breathing in life as my water is heating for my tea, I consider this a moment of self-nurturing. I take this moment to experience a deep overflowing of gratitude for all that life brings me. I remind myself to Love myself; to be gentle with myself as I grow. The preparation of the space, the tea chosen, the water perfectly heated for that tea, even the thoughts, intentions and energies flowing become an expression of Love.

When I get an opportunity to make tea for a friend, this too is a moment to express gratitude for the friendship. I get to choose a tea that will please them and serve it to them with an attitude of honor.

Tea has been an expression of self-nurturing and service to others for centuries. Tea is Love. When Discover Teas opened its doors in March of 2011, it was the greatest opportunity to express this kind of Love on a grand scale.

Every day we get to open the doors of our very own sanctuary for tea lovers.  We lovingly prepare our water, begin the day with an intention to be of service, and share our love of tea with everyone who comes through our doors. Our mission is as simple as that—spreading Love through tea. Can you feel the Love?

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