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Jul 30 2012 In Tea Journal By

Energy Drinks That Do A Body Good!

Hydration is so important in the heat, as well as after a hard workout. Did you know that tea has all natural, body replenishing qualities? Instead of reaching for that sugar-filled energy drink or artificially flavored and sweetened sports 'fuel', think about some healthier options. Costs less and is better for you! Double bonus.

Water provides hydration. On the other hand, antioxidants, stimulants, electrolytes, hydration, all come in a glass of high quality tea. Just look at the intense energizing and metabolism benefits of a tea such as our MetaboTea! A common misconception of tea is that it dehydrates because of its caffeine content (see our blog addressing myths of dehydration). On the contrary, studies show drinking a cup of tea—even very strongly brewed—there's a net gain of fluid. Replaces fluids and has antioxidants. Double bonus.

Rooibos is also a natural energy booster containing all those great antioxidants plus vitamins and minerals. Do a blend of rooibos and tea, and the rejuvenation is off the chart! Double bonus.

Watching the Olympics, I'm always amazed at seeing the extent of pushing the human body to do amazing feats. I'm just wondering where their Olympic Tea Bar is set up for the athletes?? Perhaps next time, Discover Teas will be there. Dare to dream.

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