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The Balancing Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine has been used to flavor green, oolong and even black teas since it was introduced in China in 206 BC during the Han Dynasty, but it did not become wildly popular until the Qing dynasty around the 1600’s.

While many of the healthy benefits derived from drinking green tea with jasmine can be attributed to the green tea helping with balancing blood pressure, increasing immune responses, and weight loss, there are some incredible benefits that occur when jasmine is imbibed in green tea. The catechins in the jasmine combine with the epi gallo catechin gallates (EGCG) in green teas. Several studies have shown an increased resistance to esophageal cancers and reduction of other cancer risks above and beyond what occurs with just green tea. There have also been gentle effects helping alleviate mild depression and stress.

Jasmine flowers have many medicinal benefits by themselves and have been used in aromatherapies for centuries as an aid for depression, as not only the beautiful scent can reduce stress levels but also helps balance the emotional state of mind with a calming and steadying influence. Jasmine is considered a Yin balancer when infused in tea. It also is used in Ayurvedic medicine to help restore and establish balance if your Dosha is Pitta. On an interesting note, it takes more than 3.6 million blossoms to make a single pound of jasmine oil. The flowers must be picked before the sun rises and evaporates most of the subtle essential oils present.

One of the aspects that sets our Jasmine Flower Green tea apart from many other jasmine teas is that it is flavored by adding fresh jasmine blossoms to the tea leaves while they are being withered, infusing the fresh leaves with not only the beautiful fragrance but all of the inherent benefits derived from the oils. So if you’re feeling a little blue, try our jasmine for an uplifting cuppa.

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