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Ounces of Prevention for Preservation - Build Up Your Body's Defenses Now

It’s coming up on that time of year—running noses, colds and flu bugs; are you ready? In every family, someone usually has to take care of everyone else as they share whatever is going around. It is hard to take care of your family when you too are sick. There is no sense in waiting until you are sick. Stock up to build up your immune system before you need it; you will save time and make life easier. There is an old saying about ‘an ounce of prevention’; however, I recommend 2 ounces of prevention!

Two ounces of our DecongesTea WellTeaing blend that is. It has rooibos and honeybush, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, ginger, white and black pepper, mullein, sage, eucalyptus, and licorice root. It not only helps with allergies and blocked up sinuses, it can also help boost your immune system, clear up your lungs, as well as soothe a sore throat.

Or, perhaps our Defense Boost WellTeaing blend geared towards supporting the body’s immune system as a whole. It has a base of rooibos and honeybush blended with astragalus root, which increases white blood cell production and boosts your body’s production of natural antigens and antibodies to help fight off those pesky bugs. It also contains some orange peel as well as sage, which is another adaptogenic herb that helps reduce a variety of stresses on the body and cells.

For illnesses that settle into the throat and chest, our RespiraTea WellTeaing blend which I recently developed is a great match. This powerful blend includes herbs such as eucalyptus, mullein, marshmallow root, licorice root, and more; these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties while also being anti-infectious, cleansing, and tonic for the lungs and respiratory system. 

We also have a great selection of single herbs like elderberries, which are anti-bacterial, anti-infectious and anti-viral. Also available is eucalyptus with a slew of benefits that were discussed in the previous ‘Ask the Herbalist’ blog. The simple truth is you have to take care of yourself first so that you can be there to take care of your loved ones. Try two ounces of prevention for self-preservation this season!

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