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Hibiscus Puts a Little Zing in Your Life!

From ancient Egypt to the Caribbean, wherever it grows, hibiscus is known for its cooling, refreshing taste and a variety of health benefits. If you have ever enjoyed a lemon or raspberry zinger tea you have experienced the tart, refreshing crispness of hibiscus. Not to mention its delightful red color. It's as if hibiscus was made for summer! 

Hibiscus provides a variety of dense minerals, organic acids, and packs a solid vitamin C punch that gives it the signature tart taste. Vitamin C is known to be helpful for colds, respiratory tract infections, and may be helpful with loss of appetite. Hibiscus is often used for the gentle diuretic effect it has which is helpful with edema and water retention. A few cups a week may help maintain healthy hydration and prevent unwanted water retention.

Historically hibiscus has been associated with the ability to help with blood disorders, heart disease, circulatory problems and stomach irritations. The acids are also a natural antibiotic; having antimicrobial compounds that are effective for digestive health, and can even get rid of worms according to Grandma. (I always trust Grandma.)

A trial conducted in 2010 involving 222 patients with metabolic problems, focused on hibiscus’ ability to aid in blood sugar regulation and cholesterol balancing. The study reported that “Hibiscus tea supports normal blood sugar levels and helps in cholesterol maintenance.” Hibiscus has also been studied for the high levels of antioxidants it contains in the form of Anthocyanins, a powerful flavonoid. One of the main effects reported is softer more flexible skin with less wrinkles! 

So whether you’re looking for an elixir of youth, wanting to balance cholesterol and blood sugar, or simply wanting to put some zing in your cup, try a blend with some hibiscus. Some of my all time favorites are Pina Colada Fruit, Lady Hannah’s Whole Fruit, and Peaceful Pathways. Of course, it’s also fantastic all on its own!

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