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Calendula, Petals of Healing

The golden petals from Calendula Officinalis (also known as marigold) contain high levels of beta carotene and vitamin A and are used for a variety of ailments or conditions of the skin. Because of its known effectiveness for soothing skin, it can even be found in some over-the-counter aids. However, whether you are dealing with mild or severe skin issues, you don't have to settle for drug store options with added mystery ingredients. We have you covered. 

Our DermaTea Herbal Blend takes advantage of the amazing properties calendula has for reducing aging, protection from UV rays, and clearing up rashes and hives from simple rashes to even poison oak or poison ivy. DermaTea can be used in several ways. As a tea, it can help reduce oily skin by helping balance the sebaceous glands and much more; getting healthy skin from the inside out. You can also grind it to a powder and add a few drops of water, aloe vera gel or a good skin lotion and make a mask with it or use it as a direct poultice. Finally, you can add some to epsom salts to soak in a bath in the case of full body conditions such as poison ivy or poison oak.

Calendula increases the production of collagen which while great for anti-aging, also has tremendous benefits for wound healing, as it helps prevent scarring and reduces the risk of infections. It even helps with burns and sunburns. Try some on insect bites as well.

Not only is it good for skin, but calendula can also be very effective in aiding bile transfer to the gallbladder and helps support the healing of gallbladder issues.

This is one herb that is a must for the herbal medicine cabinet, especially during hot summer months when our skin is often exposed to so many irritants! 

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