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A Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart

There are many factors that play into heart health; diet, exercise and proper nutrition are the basics that should never be ignored. There are also many other things we can do to support our hearts and bodies. Many studies have been done that show drinking 3-5 cups of tea a day may help lower blood pressure and balance cholesterol.

In addition to tea, there are specific herbs that have been historically linked to improved circulatory function and lower blood pressure as well. Angelica Root for example has been used for hundreds of years for heart health, and studies in the last century have backed up the claims. Damiana is another herb that has been shown to have beneficial effects on increasing circulation to the periphery of the body. Chamomile helps calm the nervous system which may help with hypertension. White willow bark is one of the original sources of salicylic acid. The same was used to create aspirin, which is often recommended by doctors as a part of a heart health program.

Another great herb with a multitude of uses is Honeybush, similar to Rooibos. It has vitamins and trace minerals that are the building blocks of our cells. So combining just a few herbs with the Honeybush, we created our Happy Heart WellTEAing Herbal. With properties that may help with increased circulation, strengthening tissues, lowering blood pressure, balancing cholesterol and a great flavor, Happy Heart can be a tasty adjunct to proper nutrition and exercise.

Personally I believe taking a moment to nurture ourselves with a great tasting cuppa has many great benefits too, and taking the time for a couple of cups of our Happy Heart WellTEAing Herbal always makes my Heart a Happy Heart <3

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