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10 Nov By
Sage is known for so many benefits it would be hard to cover them all in one blog; however we’ll delve into a few here. I use sage in blending herbals because of its anti-inflammatory…
07 Oct By
You can feel the chill in the air coming again, and this is the perfect time to build up the body’s natural defenses and immunity. The sinuses are reacting to changes in the plants, the…
10 Sep By
We have recently had several questions regarding the best herbs for the eyes. So what would I recommend for overall eye health? Good nutrition and a liver cleanse. First seek to support the eyes by…
07 Aug By
Summer is well settled in and the hot days are lined up. Did you know that Peppermint has the ability to cool your core body temperature and prevent heat stroke? In Arizona I used to…
15 May By
Recently I have had several requests for more information on Herbalism. Many come seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical medications, or ask if there is an herb that can heal this or that. So first things first…
21 Feb By
I would like to introduce you to our latest WellTEAing herbal: Anxietea! This is a blend designed to help with the common effects of anxiety such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, as well as…
15 Feb By
There are many factors that play into heart health; diet, exercise and proper nutrition are the basics that should never be ignored. There are also many other things we can do to support our hearts…
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