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Saturday, 03 August 2013 15:38

Beyond the Tea Bond

Ken and I may seem like the Odd Couple to the outsider, but for us it’s just natural. Ken and I go back nearly 20 years—well, at least in this lifetime—and Discover Teas isn’t the first business we’ve created together. However, Discover Teas is where we are both blossoming as individuals with purpose.

No we aren’t married. We may jibe back and forth, but that is evidence of our history. It’s all done in good spirit because we have a mutual respect and understanding. We consider each other family.

Ken and I are like yin and yang on many levels. Ken is ‘out there’, wears his heart on his sleeve, can talk for hours, and has no qualms with demanding the attention of a crowd. For me, I’m introverted, hold my cards close to the vest, modest with attention, and ‘conservative’ in the public eye. Ken has BIG vision; I have the step-by-step planning approach. He helps me break out, and I help him keep grounded. In my mind it doesn’t seem like a weird pairing. There’s a balancing act that feels like an ongoing dance in friendship. It comes naturally.

Our backgrounds are vast in experience; putting them together, we’ve had the opportunity to create several business ventures. Spirit in Motion was our first. Building our practice in a Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona, we conducted Reiki healing sessions, readings, and aromatherapy. Back then, Reiki was practically unheard of, so there was a huge educational curve for clients. We were certainly considered ‘alternative’ healing. Ken and I are no strangers to unique business concepts and practices, as well as overcoming the socially uncommon.

After moving to Virginia with my husband Bryan in 2010, I started putting together my business plan for Discover Teas. Ken was on my consulting board, especially in the area of marketing. He jokingly offered to come out from Arizona to help get the shop up and running once I got a location. Soon he received that call, “I got a location! This is going to happen. When are you coming?” And so he did. Thinking he would only stay for three months, it turns out he couldn’t bring himself to leave. Falling in love with Virginia, as well as the tea shop, he found a new home and a new purpose.

I’m so glad he did! Discover Teas wouldn’t be what it is without having Ken’s energy behind it. Working together again, we are fulfilling a purpose. We are able to bring all those aspects of our individual experience and knowledge to the table to support our growth and our mission—to spread love through tea, making the world a better place one cup at a time.

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