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Mar 15 2013 In Tea Journal By

Choosing a Healthy Decaf Tea Leaf

Other than choosing an herbal, decaffeinated teas are a great option for evening or for those sensitive to caffeine who want to stay away from stimulants, but at the same time yearn for the great taste of actual tea. Ever notice how that decaf tea bag just doesn’t hit the spot? You may or may not be aware that decaffeinated beverages like coffee and tea are often processed with harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde in order to rid it of caffeine. This process also strips many of the antioxidants and health benefits from the products.

In our search to provide healthy teas and herbs, we wanted to find a decaffeinated product line but could not conscientiously carry formaldehyde washed products. Not sure about you, but doesn’t sound all that appealing to me.

The answer was provided when we collaborated with a company that only uses a natural process involving CO2 to remove the caffeine from teas. No chemical solvents are used. Alternatively, naturally occurring CO2 in a circulation process is used which carefully uses high pressure and temperature to extract the caffeine. This binds with the caffeine and basically washes it away without stripping all the great antioxidants and rich flavor from the tea leaves. The result is an uncompromised cup of tea with full depth of flavor and no chemical overtones. Now doesn’t that sound much more appetizing?

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