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Apr 02 2011 In Tea Journal By

The Deserted Island of Loose Leaf Tea

I get asked quite frequently what my favorite tea is. Ok, so say we are heading off to shoot a season of Survivor, and I have to choose just one tea to bring with me to drink. First my heart would drop and air gasp in as I catch my breath. Then I would reach for my large tin of Jasmine Green Tea.
If I was left with only one, Jasmine Green Tea would probably win out. At home, I keep my tin of Jasmine handy right by my tea making set. It’s a quick go-to tea for me that is always pleasing, picks me up with its mood-lifting aroma, and leaves me with a smile on my face.

However, don’t get me wrong, I do have many favorites and love switching it up daily. But back to the wall, pressed for an answer to a tricky question indeed, I would be stocking up on my Jasmine Green Tea.

Which one would you bring to the Deserted Island of Loose Leaf Tea?

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