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Nov 20 2012 In Tea Journal By

The Biggest Bang for your Buck: SHOP LOCAL

“A Dollar spent locally circulates 30 times within the community. Whereas a Dollar spent in a chain store circulates 8 times!”

You may or may not know, Discover Teas is locally owned and operated as a small business in the state of Virginia. More and more we see people extremely conscious about the dollars they spend of their hard earned cash. Something we’d ask you to think about however, is beyond the “price” and look at the “cost” of doing business locally as opposed to a chain.

Shop local events are being held nationwide. When you shop at a local business, you are helping members of your direct community—providing healthcare for their children and family or possibly your neighbor to pay for school. They hire local people who also dine in local restaurants, enjoy local entertainment and buy groceries and gas. They hire local services for plumbing, heating and cooling, landscaping and they shop at local businesses.

They pay taxes….

When you spend your money in a chain store the lions share is deposited in an account wherever the “Corporate Office” is located. It is then used to pay the salaries and bonuses of the Board of Directors and shareholders and truthfully many other operating procedures. But the point is that it is usually in some other state; where their employees spend that money, somewhere else.

You are empowered to make a direct impact in your local market, your neighborhood commerce, and state economy. Your hard earned money really can have a huge bang for the buck for all! This season and every day of the year you are building and supporting the economy in your community, and strengthening the economy of America, when you choose to SHOP LOCAL! And believe me; your local merchant thanks you for it.

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