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Mar 08 2014 In Tea Journal By

Journey Through the Multidimensional World of Tea

During my career so far in the tea industry operating a modest brick-n-mortar shop, I have seen tea do some amazing things! And that may be an understatement. From healing, to peace making, to uniting, to comforting, to creating life memories. This has expanded my appreciation and absolute love for this beautiful plant even further.

Countless customers (a.k.a. tea family) have come through our doors in an effort find something they can do to relieve, improve, counteract, and affect health issues going on. Now while federal regulations impede us to make any claims regarding tea’s benefits, personal experience (not to mention thousands of worldwide scientific studies) show time and time again that this herb is a gift from Nature that can be utilized in our daily lives.

Not only does tea have an effect on the physical body, it has a way of nurturing the soul just as deeply. Tea has a time all its own. I’m not just talking the British tea time here, but the ‘speed’ of tea is different than most the rest of our hectic lives trying to keep up. Tea slows us down, brings our attention to the present moment, gives us some breathing room to recharge. More and more as life spins faster, I see the need for tea time to feed the spirit and experience some peace. And when we are in a state of peace, that has a ripple effect out into the world. It carries a vibration that can touch our family, friends, community, and further.

I have also seen tea bridge gaps that otherwise would not connect. This brings the vivid awareness of a world community—humanity—into my consciousness. Crossing the borders of race, age, sex, preferences, finances, and culture. That is a bridge. You don’t have to speak the same language to share tea.

Tea has a magical way of touching lives physically, mentally, spiritually. It is multidimensional. You may start drinking tea for one reason, and then find yourself enjoying it for many others. For me, tea has become a way of life more than I could have ever imagined several years ago. I enthusiastically look forward to seeing what experiences continue to bless my life as a result of tea!

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