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Jul 01 2011 In Tea Journal By

I’m Too Lazy to Use Loose Leaf Tea

Many people insist on buying a box of tea bags rather than spend the time picking out a gourmet loose tea to enjoy. “I just want something quick”; “I’m too lazy to deal with loose leaf”; “I don’t have the time, give me a bag and I’m done”; “tea bags are so much more convenient”. When someone bucks at loose leaf, the point I try to get across is that brewing a fine loose leaf tea is as simple, or complex, as they wish it to be.


Some days making my tea is very ritualistic, taking care and time with each step, ceremoniously. I do have those days when I just need a quick cup to get me going and on the road. I also have different steeping methods I utilize whether I’m at home or at the shop. However, in any case, I stick with my loose tea rather than settle for less quality in a tea bag.


There are so many options now for steeping! Here are several very simple, quick methods to consider depending on your preference and budget.


At Discover Teas, we carry a selection of tins with pyramid pouches. Our pyramid sachets are just as easy as tea bags but have quality loose tea in them, provided with the room to expand and steep correctly. Next best thing to a tea bag.


Then there is our Do-It-Yourself filter pouches to spoon in your loose leaf; steep it the same you would as a tea bag and then discard. Super, super simple. These are biodegradable and compostable by the way.


One of my favorite products we carry is the Tuffy Steeper. Expands and collapses for ease of travel, fits onto most cups, mugs and small tea pots, easy to clean, hard to destroy…also comes in fun colors! I recommend these to everyone.


Our Bodum presses are another quick easy way to brew loose tea. Steep, press and pour… Or if you prefer, we have 16-oz travel presses, so you can even skip the pouring part of it!


If you can brew a pot of coffee or heat up water to steep a tea bag, you can make loose leaf tea no problem, with very little effort.

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