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Sep 05 2013 In Tea Journal By

Homemade Ice Cream the Discover Teas Way

Few foods say comfort like a bowl (or bucket!) of ice cream. Rich, creamy, sweet, and compliments just about anything. Add tea to that combination and all of a sudden, that cool coziness is kicked up a notch with a moment of relaxation. No need to rush the goodness; it is meant to be savored.

On July 4th of 2013, we began offering our fans something new at Discover Teas—homemade ice cream made with our teas! At Discover Teas, we are proud to provide products without preservatives, additives or synthetic chemicals. Our ice cream is no exception. We are dedicated to using only the finest ingredients in our ice cream, which is made locally in small batches with much time, love and care. We use heavy cream and whole milk for the ice cream, and coconut milk for sorbet. The sugar we use is turbinado raw sugar. The only flavoring elements are our fantastic teas, Rooibos and fruit blends. The tastes are amazing, and the texture is incredible!  

We’ve experimented now with five flavors of ice cream, plus a sorbet for a dairy free option. Tea favorites such as our Irish Mocha La’Tea, Earl Gray, Rose Black Tea, Kama Sutra Chai, Peach Rooibos, and Pina Colada have made appearances on the menu. Many more are to come as we play with different combinations. Every Wednesday we will have something new to try so come by the Port Warwick Shop in Newport News and experience ice cream made with love.

Do you have a tea you would like to try in an ice cream? Leave us your suggestions in a comment below or on Facebook!

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