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Apr 17 2011 In Tea Journal By Chris Farishon

Fun With Tea Blending

We have been on a roll here at the shop with our tea house blends. Experimenting with new flavors every day that create instant demand when sampled. Credit goes to our amazing mix master Kenneth who has a knack for herbs. But you don’t have to be a professional to find tastes that thrill you. Just imagine! You too can create new special blends that excite your taste buds.

At a loss on where to start? We have plenty of suggested blends that we’ve personally tried, as well as customer favorites that can be recommended. Want to jump right in? Start with what you already have in the cupboard and mix a couple together in a single cup. That way all you’ve risked is one cup if you don’t like it instead of a whole pot. Add some new herbals or tisanes to some of your standard black tea or green tea. Stick something in your shopping cart that you’re curious about or that a friend mentioned you’ve got to try. Have a few standards on hand and then build up your collection into a variety of green teas, black teas, herbals, fruit blends, oolong, some mate…and of course, the amazing Rooibos herbal tisane!

Here’s the easy part. There are no rules! Sure, some of the hard-core tea lovers out there would disagree. But I’m all for personal freedom and taste…and expression! Go ahead, mix that green tea with a black tea, toss in a pinch of sage with that Earl Grey, a portion of ginger root to some Bella Coola! Ah, the infinite possibilities! Go out on a limb and combine three or four! Oh my, are we getting crazy now?

Got a craving for a chocolate crunch bar? Some strawberry lemonade? How about a blueberry cinnamon roll? See how close you can get to hitting that craving! You just may stumble across one you can’t live without.

Discover how FUN tea blending can be!! Let your imagination run wild.

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