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Jan 06 2012 In Tea Journal By

For Your Health, A Steep in the Right Direction

We've had more than a few customers come into the shop after the holidays saying that drinking more tea is on their New Years Resolution list. That's Great! Tea is such an easy, and enjoyable, thing to add to your diet that can really make an impact on health. Even the consumption of as little as a couple cups a day may make a difference. If you're going for a bigger punch, then stretch it to six cups.

I've been a tea drinker for many years; however, making the switch to loose leaf was the key in really effecting my well being. I noticed not just fuller taste, but more pleasure when drinking loose leaf. My own personal health changes I experienced were more energy, stronger immune system, mental clarity, staying hydrated, plus weight management. Those are simply the ones I could note, but who knows what else my tea drinking habit is providing me behind the scenes.

There have been hundreds of studies on tea and the effects of drinking tea. And I'm sure that the notion tea may be good for you is not a new one for you to hear. Among some of the results found from those tests are cancer prevention, balancing cholesterol, improving blood pressure, increasing metabolism, warding off colds/flu, reducing risks of heart attack and diabetes--just to name a few! That can be pretty powerful I'd say.

(However, please note that none of these statements or results are acknowledged or approved by the FDA. Tea is a naturally growing plant. Pharmaceutical companies can't patent tea. FDA is strongly influenced by the Pharmaceutical companies. You do the math. Just how many FDA approved items do you see on the shelf that don't come from a lab?)

You are your NUMBER ONE health care provider; take charge! As with anything, you will want to be sure to discuss any dietary regimen changes with your physician(s). Because tea is an herb, and can be quite potent on large scale, monitoring may be necessary especially in cases where medications are involved.

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