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Dec 07 2011 In Tea Journal By

Crowd Pleasing Teas for Holiday Gatherings

The cold weather doesn't seem to stop our social nature. I don't know about you, but my calendar fills up quick this time of year! A gathering here, a meeting there, a celebration going on over there... It's the time of year that we come together to appreciate friends, family, support systems, and simply share warm fuzzy feelings.

Normally food and drink pair up at these functions as well. I like to step out of the box a little when participating and bring my press pot of brewed tea along for folks to share. It's non alcoholic, it's soothing, it's healthy and uplifting. Some people cook, some bake. I brew to suit the occasion. It's something from my heart that I can contribute that is unique, personal and thoughtful. And by most reactions, it is appreciated. I've even glimpsed the coffee drinker opting for my custom blended tea. (Ah, a convert in the making ;)

This holiday season, steep outside the box with me. You too can gain all that love and appreciation by sharing a custom blended pot of DiscoverTEAs--we'll do all the work! Call us to reserve a pot. We'll prep your favorite blend, or even come up with something special just for you. Swing on by and pick it up. Simple. Easy. Delicious. Trust me, it will be a hit!

Happy Holidays!

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