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Sep 07 2011 In Tea Journal By

Craving Teas

I had a vivid dream last night that I was in the grocery store, picking out fresh strawberries, some pound cake slices, and a can of whipped cream. Needless to say, I woke up with a craving. The rest of the dream is a blur by now, but I can still smell those strawberries and cream!

So what did I do with my craving? Got to the tea shop and whipped up a blend to sip on of our strawberry green tea with some of our vanilla cream black tea—voila! Hit the spot! Guilt free to boot :)

We do this quite frequently at the shop actually. One of us gets a crazy taste for something and it becomes a challenge we drive to conquer. Many of our Special House Blends came about from cases just like this, such as our Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Yorktown Patty, and Cinnablue Brunch.

What a great way to satisfy a craving—good for you, flavorful, calorie free, hydrating, nurturing. What do you want to create for your taste buds today?

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