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Feb 26 2015 In Tea Journal By

A Zen Moment with My Tea

As I look out my window onto the snow covered landscape, white outlined tree limbs, the frozen lake, red cardinals soaring from branch to branch, and large flakes drifting down have been entertaining me for hours. In my hands I cup a steamy fresh brew of Glenburn Moonshine Darjeeling. The fourth steep of the same leaves in fact. Its beauty keeps on giving for hours as well. Snow days may be frustrating when life needs to move on; however, when possible, they can be a welcome halt from life’s busyness. Likewise, tea can be a longed-for ‘snow day’ created any time, any day, year round. 

Tea brings a cozy, comfy feeling into my world whenever I stop to appreciate it. It nurtures me at a very deep soul level. Tea has such an incredible impact in my daily life, and this is the spark of my passion for it. This is why I want to share tea with others. If I give myself permission to briefly stop, take a moment to sip beautiful tea, breathe deep, come back to center, and be present in a space of thankfulness, then my world has just momentarily changed for the better. Simply, gracefully, effortlessly. If I feel at peace, there is more peace in the world. If I feel love in my heart, then there is more love in the world. This is the mark I wish to make.

It’s been four years now that we opened the doors of Discover Teas. To think of how much tea, how much love, how many hugs, have poured through our shops and out into the world into the cups of thousands literally grabs me by the heart and fills me beyond words. In this Zen Moment created with my cup of tea and snow, I hold you all in love and gratitude. A toast to many more!

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