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Jul 30 2014 In Tea Journal By

4 Ways to Enjoy Freezing Tea

The Summer months always bring cool ideas to refresh, literally. Of course we recommend chilled tea to stay well hydrated, and there are several ways to brew iced tea. For a more instant chiller, try freezing your tea! Here are some suggestions on fun ways to experience tea at 32 degrees.

1. Brew up a pitcher of our Baja Black Tea blend. When complete, pour into ice trays and place in the freezer. These are great to have on hand and easy to use to cool down tea without diluting the brew.

2. Make healthy popsicles! Our Bella Coola fruit blend is much healthier and more refreshing than sugary fruit punch from a packet. It is also a great caffeine-free option for kids of all ages. Simply steep and freeze in popsicle molds. Don’t have molds? Try repurposing small yogurt containers with a coffee stirrer for the stick.

3. Guilt-free sorbet for dessert (or anytime really). Steep tea in coconut milk to make a smooth treat that is tasty, creamy, and satisfying for a sweet tooth. Our Chocolate Chai House Blend would be phenomenal, as well as our Pina Colada fruit blend. However, there are many suggestions on which tea to use, so pick your favorite. Steep it warm in the milk or do a cold infusion in the milk overnight. Once it is at the desired strength, freeze it in a container. To prepare, simply put the frozen concoction in the blender for a few to get a nice smooth consistency. (Note: you can also use the popsicle suggestion above.)

4. Revisit our blog on making minty slushes. Uplifting and thirst-quenching green tea with mint makes a cooling pick-me-up any time of day, inside and out.

Stay healthy, stay hydrated, and chill!

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