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Starter Tea Lover Pack

Starter Tea Lover Pack

* Starter Pack


Discover your favorite tea style or gift to a friend just beginning their tea journey. Each pack comes with 20 DIY tea filters made from recycled paper and two ounces of loose tea from the following options (tea filter holder shown in photo is not included):

Classic Green Tea Pack: Lucky Dragon Hyson

Flavored Green Tea Pack: Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival

Oolong Tea Pack: Formosa Oolong

Classic Black Tea Pack: English Breakfast

Flavored Black Tea Pack: Black and Blue Monk

Herbal Tea Pack: Peaceful Pathways

House Favorite Pack: Williamsburg Port

Give Chai a Try Pack: Kama Sutra Chai

Sweet Tea Lover Pack: Lady Londonderry

Daring Tea Lover Pack: Jamestown Gunpowder (contains almonds)

Caffeine Addict Pack: Newport News Shipbuilders Brew

Wellness Pack ($2 more): DecongesTea

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