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Starter Tea Lover Pack

Starter Tea Lover Pack

* Starter Pack


Discover your favorite tea style or gift to a friend just beginning their tea journey. Each pack comes with 20 DIY tea filters made from recycled paper and two ounces of loose tea from the following options:

Classic Green Tea Pack: Lucky Dragon Hyson

Flavored Green Tea Pack: Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival

Oolong Tea Pack: Formosa Oolong

Classic Black Tea Pack: English Breakfast

Flavored Black Tea Pack: Black and Blue Monk

Herbal Tea Pack: Peaceful Pathways

House Favorite Pack: Williamsburg Port

Give Chai a Try Pack: Kama Sutra Chai

Sweet Tea Lover Pack: Lady Londonderry

Daring Tea Lover Pack: Jamestown Gunpowder

Caffeine Addict Pack: Newport News Shipbuilders Brew

Wellness Pack ($2 more): DecongesTea


*Tea bag holder shown in photo is not included

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