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Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival

Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival

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Simply stunning; a house and customer favorite! A blend of high quality green sencha tea with sweet cherry and morning rose flavor. A tea to remember. Sold in 2 ounce quantities.

Water Temp: 180º

Steep Time: 3 min.

Note: 2oz of tea brews approximately 20-25 8oz cups.

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Sam Sessions
The kyoto cherry rose festival has just the right amount of fruity cherry flavor and floral notes without overpowering the earthy green tea.
Dylan Sheffer
This is a great tea for people who enjoy a nice cherry taste. I have found that cherry teas are generally overpowering or unimpressive, but this blend has hit the nail on the head. This tea will definitely not disappoint!
Marianne Martin
This tea has the ideal blend of green tea and delicate cherry flavors. I find it to be consistently delicious!
frances farishon
just opening the bag makes me giggle _ lightens my spirit
Jessica Fisher
This is one of my favorite teas. The cherry flavor adds just enough sweetness and is not overpowering at all. This tea is excellent both hot and iced!
Star LaBranche
This tea is so stunning! The flavors mix together so well. It has the sweetness of the fruit, with light floral notes from the rose, and a touch of earthiness to it as well. I have yet to hear of someone not liking this tea. It's perfect iced or hot. I noted iced I taste more cherry and hot I taste more rose. Either way, it's amazing!
Diane Cabiroy
This is one of my favorite Discover Teas blends. The flavors blend together so well, and it reminds me of my visit to Japan with the sakura taste. Definitely an enjoyable tea.
Deb Brabenec
We happened to stop in the store at Kingsmill to try some tea for myself and a friend. My husband has never been a tea drinker but decided to try something that would help him drink less soda pop. He settled on the Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival since it seemed like it would be sweet without adding sugar. He has really liked it, so I quadrupled the order since the initial 2oz disappeared fast.
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