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Creamy Earl Green

Creamy Earl Green

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Want just a hint of Earl Grey but not be knocked over with it? This blend is a tasty balance of black and green teas with bergamot, vanilla, and earthy sencha flavors. Plus you get all the health benefits of both green tea and black! Sold in 2 ounce quantities.

Water Temp: 180º

Steep Time: 3 min.

Note: 2oz of tea brews approximately 20-25 8oz cups.


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Dylan Sheffer
I've had a real addiction to this tea recently. It always just seems to be the perfect tea to drink after a nice meal because it has the flavor of a light dessert but none of the guilt. I would recommend this to anyone who loves an easy to prepare, subtly sweet tea.
Jessica Fisher
This is a consistent winner in my home. It's smooth with a little sweetness that is great any time of day. I highly recommend this tea
Star LaBranche
I love light, smooth teas, so trying Creamy Earl Green was a natural for me. It has the same buttery, vanilla taste of the Cream Earl Grey, but with a lighter flavor. It's hard to pick a favorite out of the Earl Greys, but I'd have to say that this is probably mine. Highly recommended to new and experienced tea drinkers alike.
Andrew Cosgrove
I have always been a fan of the classic Earl Grey, but after trying this blend I am never going back. Amazing flavor, and even the aroma is soothing.
Pam Foy
One of my 2 favorites at Discover Teas. The smooth taste and vanilla flavor really makes this my favorite of the earl greys. The addition of sencha green tea lends a mellow taste. I steep this tea usually 3 times. Superior quality tea. Well worth the indulgence.
Alisha Graney
I have always loved Earl Grey tea. Then I discovered Lavender Earl Grey. Then I discovered this one, Creamy Early Green. What can I say? It is a delightful cup when you're in the mood for something a little less bold than your usual EG but still want the amazing flavor. Add in the smoothness of creamy vanilla and you wind up with a cup of pure heaven.
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