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Storing Fine Teas

When stored correctly, fine loose leaf tea can stay fresh and flavorful for six months to a year. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tea leaves are very absorbent, so keeping them in a tin or air tight container is the best way to go. Protect your precious teas from sources of moisture and no direct sunlight.

Avoid excessive heat or cold, finding a place with an even temperature. Loose leaf tea shouldn’t be stored in a refrigerator or the freezer.

Another place to avoid is directly above your stove. Steam rising from pots as well as odors from cooking food can be absorbed by your tea.

Storing fine loose leaf tea in the same cupboard or cabinet as your spices can also lead to changes in the flavor of your loose teas. Gourmet loose teas are an investment well worth caring for to get the most from them!

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