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24 May By
Whether or not to purchase organic tea is a tricky subject in the world of tea. Just what makes a tea organic?First, the general meaning of the word organic refers to growing a product without…
12 May By
Yes, I am a tree hugger. In my world, that’s not a derogatory term. Environmental considerations often drive many of my day to day decisions and behaviors. In my home, my husband Bryan and I…
17 Apr By
We have been on a roll here at the shop with our tea house blends. Experimenting with new flavors every day that create instant demand when sampled. Credit goes to our amazing mix master Kenneth…
02 Apr By
I get asked quite frequently what my favorite tea is. Ok, so say we are heading off to shoot a season of Survivor, and I have to choose just one tea to bring with me…
25 Mar By
Green tea vs. black tea, ah the dilemma. Does it really have to be one or the other? “I only drink black tea”, a comment I hear very often. Or, it goes the other way…
09 Mar By
Scenes from Discover Teas grand opening in Williamsburg, Virginia.
06 Mar By
Ok, so it happens. I decided to try a different tea this morning—an Irish Breakfast that is of small granular size. I’m not used to brewing this type of tea, so I figured I’d use…
11 Dec By
Is it a green tea day, or a day that I need an extra oomph with some black tea? Each morning I start my day with my tea ritual. Part of that ritual is deciding…
29 Nov By
Tea is a morning habit for me which I look forward to with much zeal. I don’t quite feel like the day is started until I focus in on the ritual of making my pot-of-the-day.…
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