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Monday, 29 November 2010 10:30

My Morning Tea Ritual

Tea is a morning habit for me which I look forward to with much zeal. I don’t quite feel like the day is started until I focus in on the ritual of making my pot-of-the-day. Filling the kettle with water, picking out which tea is just right for the day ahead, spooning the leaves into the tea press, watching the tea leaves expand and dance as they steep, pouring my first cup while deeply breathing in the aroma of the brew, holding the warm cup in my hands, admiring the gorgeous color of the liquor, slurping carefully the first few sips… ahhh. Gives me a smile just thinking about it.

I mean, it’s hard to start off the day in a huff and gruff when you’re slowed down to appreciate something that gives you so much pleasure. It’s like that morning run that gets your endorphins pumping, a quiet meditation that brings you closer to your divine, or the sweet freedom of indulging in your birthday cake.

My morning tea ritual is something simple I can do to give to myself, to savor a bit of life every day.


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