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Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

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Dragon = mystery, luck, prosperity, protection. Originally created in 2012, the year of the "Black Water Dragon," an astrological cycle that indicates change, but with a measure of calm, sensibility, and prudence. Triple dragon magic is blended into this delightful green tea House Blend. Hitting a full spectrum of green tea flavor notes from sweet to grassy to jasmine to earthy. Not only is it steeped in wonder, it tastes magnificent too! Sold in 2 ounce quantities.

Water Temp: 180º

Steep Time: 3 min.

Note: 2oz of tea brews approximately 20-25 8oz cups.

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Dylan Sheffer
It has all the grassy, sweet, and floral notes one could ask for all in one blend. It's also a bargain way to get your hands on the infamous Jasmine Dragon Tears!
Star LaBranche
This tea is great because each steep is a little different. It's a tea that will change based on how long you steep, the water temperature and how many times the leaves have been used. It's really exciting to settle down with a cup of this and not know exactly what flavor notes you're going to experience! My favorite is warm, steeped three minutes exactly, on the second or third steep. It pulls the floral notes the most then, I find.
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