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Intro to Tea Blending Kit

Intro to Tea Blending Kit

* Blending Base and Samples


Want to make your own unique favorite tea, but not sure where to start? Try one of our blending kits! 

Each kit includes 1oz of a tea base, 4 samples of different teas or herbs we recommend blending with the base, a 20-pack of DIY filter bags, a set of 5 tasting notecards so you can track your preferences and ratios, and a small food-safe tin with blank custom label for you to name and store your creation!

Need to substitute a sample? You can switch out any sample for another Standard tea by calling us at (757) 847-5190 or e-mailing us at

If you create something you love, you can contact us to put your recipe on a card and have us blend it for you in future, or simply order the teas separately and continue creating to your heart's content!  

Blending Kits:

Earl Grey with lavender, lemon, sage, and rose samples
Earl Grey Black tea with samples of Lemon Black tea, Rose Black tea, lavender, and sage to blend

Chocolate with blueberry, strawberry, bergamot, and anise samples
Chocolate Black tea with samples of Blueberry Black tea, Strawberry Green tea, Earl Grey Black tea, and anise to blend

Jasmine with vanilla, lemongrass, strawberry, and chocolate samples
Jasmine green tea with samples of Vanilla Black tea, Chocolate Black tea, Strawberry Green tea, and lemongrass to blend

Hibiscus with cinnamon, ginger, chamomile, and peppermint samples
All-herbal set of hibiscus with samples of cinnamon, ginger, Egyptian chamomile, and peppermint to blend

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