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Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Roberts

Thursday, 25 October 2012 14:15


I like to start my day with a cup of tea and clear intentions for the day. If I drink a cup of tea as just a beverage, I limit the experience of that cup of tea and relegate it to an unconscious experience. If instead I choose that cup of tea consciously for its flavor, quality and potential health benefits and take the time to nurture myself with that cup of tea as a reward or a part of a routine to practice mindfulness, it becomes more than just a beverage. It becomes a powerful tool of focused intention, assisting in creating my day.

The act of choosing your tea, heating the water, and steeping your tea become an opportunity to begin the day with conscious choice and intention. Consciously choose the tea or herbal you want this morning. Do you want a strong cup of black tea to wake you up and get you moving? Perhaps it is cold and flu season and you want to boost your immune system to avoid catching the cold going around the office. You might choose a spicy chai tea that contains Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger and white and black peppers or an herbal blend that contains medicinal herbs with antibacterial properties. You may prefer a nice cup of fruity black tea, or a floral green tea.  Choosing your tea with an intention instead of just unconsciously following a routine gives you an opportunity to exercise your mind and choose how your day begins.

Depending on your conscious choice of tea; put a pot of water on to heat and prepare your cup or your favorite steeping system. Be attentive as the water is heating, focus on your breathing taking slow, deep, even breaths. Breathing can be a tool to help you control your bio-chemistry and start your day with a calm mind, it also oxygenates your cells and your brain helping them function. When the water has reached the perfect temperature, slowly pour it over your tea or herbal. Remember and think about why you chose that particular tea or herbal and focus your intention on its purpose for you.

As your tea is steeping take that time to set an intention; for your health, or maybe to visualize your day. You will have anywhere from 3-7 minutes to consciously create your intentions while your tea steeps. What do you need to accomplish today? Do you have a meeting that may be stressful? Visualize how
you want to experience that meeting, what you need to express, and what you want the responses to be to what you say.  If you chose a tea for a health related reason, focus on how that tea will benefit you. Take a moment and say a prayer of gratitude for the day you are about to experience.

Congratulations! You now have a tool to increase your focus, practice mindfulness and experience living in the now. You have begun to take the steps towards living in a truly awakened state, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It all starts with a great cup of loose leaf tea.

Thursday, 04 October 2012 19:29

Robo Tea Vs Leaves with Love

Here at Discover Teas one of the things we pride ourselves on is the quality of our teas. When we began the process of choosing our teas, one of the things we decided was to exclusively carry hand-picked teas (Orthodox) as opposed to CTC or machine harvested teas. Machine harvested teas are just what it sounds like; a machine cuts the sides and top of the bushes. This leads to a large amount of stems, and the quality of the leaf is often less than optimal. While there are many machine picked teas that are quite tasty, there is a key element missing for us, Love and the human touch.

There is an art to selecting the perfect leaves for a perfect tea. When teas are hand-picked, the picker has been trained to look for specific qualities in the leaves for each specific style of tea such as size, shape, maturity and the area of the bush from which it is selected. Even the age of the plants from different areas of the plantation are a factor in which style of tea will be processed. The human element of discernment, care in handling and being able to pick swiftly are not skills a machine can learn.  For some styles of tea only the most experienced harvesters are allowed to pick the crop to insure the highest quality.

Silver Needles for example, which come from the newest growth on the plant, are strictly unopened buds selected for uniformity in length and coloration. White tea leaves are not just baby leaves; shape, size, color and the stage of development are very important. For green teas or leaves that will become a black tea, there are certain stages of leaf development that are crucial. How veiny the leaves are, how woody the stems are, how much photosynthesis has occurred will all have an effect on the flavor and even the color of the liquor in the cup.

The teas we carry are not just a beverage; they are an expression of someone’s pride in their work and the product they help bring to market. We carry forth that pride in presenting you with a quality tea that you know is harvested, processed and brought to you out of love for great tea.

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