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Sweet and tart, this herbal flower creates a gorgeous red cup when steeped. And lots of Vitamin C! Studies show amazing results in reducing blood pressure when consumed daily. Sold in one ounce quantities. 

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Star LaBranche
I was eager to try this tea because hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers. The first cup of it was thick and red and looked a bit like blood. Which was pretty cool, by itself. It was sooooo tangy! It was grab you by the lapels and scream in your face "I AM TANGY, HEAR ME ROAR!" tangy.

Second cup was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. It was so good and much, much sweeter. The third and fourth steep were lighter and more floral. I recommend not steeping this for the full 7 minutes on the first steep, unless super tangy blood is totally your thing.
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