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Minty Mocha Mate Medley

Minty Mocha Mate Medley

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Find a new obsession in your morning cup with this unbelievably tasty blend. Minty hints meet roasted mocha notes. It's all herbal, but it does have a stimulating kick to it due to the yerba mate blended in. Learn to love your wake-up moment! Sold in 2 ounce quantities.

Water Temp: 175-200º

Steep Time: 5-7 mins

Note: 2oz of tea brews approximately 20-25 8oz cups.


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Star LaBranche
Ken recommend this tea to me for memory and concentration, two things I have a ton of issues with. I started making it over Christmas and soon fell in love with it. I adore mint and this minty flavor has just the right amount of sweetness to it. It always makes me feel energized and awake. It also helps me to focus on my writing while I'm working.
Terry Jarrell
One of my favorites to start the day with!! I will switch it out with Shipbuilders when I need the extra kick in the AM, but this is my usual go to. Love the mint tang to wake me AND my tastebuds up!
Janice Rogers
A caffeine free alternative for some get up and go gos. The minty freshness is not over powering and yet it makes me feel more awake and no heavy after taste in my mouth after my morning drink
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