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Earthbound Angel

Earthbound Angel

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This Discover Teas House Blend not only looks pretty and tastes fantastic, but it was specifically blended to help relieve migraines. Blended chocolate black tea and rooibos are the base, with added ginger, lavender, and calendula herbs to soothe and stop headaches in their tracks before they get worse.

For an additional anti-inflammatory boost, select the option to add white willow bark for an extra fee (starting at $3 for 2oz).

Sold in 2 ounce quantities.

Water Temp: 200º

Steep Time: 5 min.

Note: 2oz of tea brews approximately 20-25 8oz cups.


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Krystal Kingman
I absolutely love this tea, it helps so much when I have problems going to sleep. I chose to have a bit extra lavender to it after tasting it in it's original form and it's very great.
Star LaBranche
When I first tried this tea, I was a little shocked by how citrus-y and ginger-y it was. It was a little overwhelming at first. But then I stepped it for a little shorter, the flavor mellowed out and I enjoyed it a lot more. It's great for something to wake you up and shake you by the collar. But for an all-day drink, I'd recommend a lighter steep.
Laura Amos
This tea is wonderful for those who have headaches. The lavender is very soothing.
Brandon Hudson
I really enjoy this mild, flavorful tea. It helps calm and slow me down so that I can be more present and mindful. The tea has a gentle taste that soothes the tummy and head; I love it.
Mary Zarzycki
I ordered the Earthbound Angel and Blooms That Brighten teas and lavender and they threw in a free tea sample :-) all are delicious!! I love to have the Earthbound Angel with a little extra lavender right before bed, it helps me to relax. It's lasting a long time and I will definitely repurchase!
Amy Costa
I began using this tea to help with migraines. I've recently discovered it's also great for the nausea and body aches associated with the flu. This is a constant in my tea cabinet.
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