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Wu Wo Tea Ceremony 2018 at HIP!

Sunday, September 23, 2018, 04:00pm - 05:30pm

Wu Wo Steps.png

It's been almost a year since we transitioned to our new business model and moved out of Port Warwick, so what better way to celebrate than with a Wu Wo community tea ceremony? We weren't able to do the 6th annual ceremony last year, but thanks to HIP Innovative Studio Boutique's gracious offer to host us, we're back! Join us at HIP, located at 2170 William Styron Square South, for an easy tea ceremony you can take part in!

Please make sure you buy tickets from HIP before the event.

This modern, easy-to-learn Taiwanese ritual is an uplifting and beautiful event that emphasizes the power of community and silent sharing and allows you to highlight your own individual tea tastes at the same time. We'll be coming together at 4:00pm on Sunday, September 23rd, to share our favorite teas with each other, and admission is just $5! All you need to bring is your favorite tea, steepware, and if you like, tea décor. No tea? No problem! HIP has a selection of Discover Teas on hand and available for purchase!

This event is being offered as part of HIP's one-of-a-kind fabric-dyeing Weekend Shibori Retreat with Angelia Armstrong Design! Sign up for the full weekend workshop package here.

The Way of Wu Wo
*All is conducted in silence
1. For those brewing and sharing their tea, participants sit on the floor in a circle; seating is randomly assigned. For those observing, they create a larger circle surrounding those set up to brew. 
2. Brewers create their own space by setting up a tray, a small tea pot, small tasting cups, a thermos if possible, and chosen tea.
3. At the designated time, each participant brews his/her tea and pours a small amount into 4 cups.
4. The participant stands up and using his tray serves 3 cups of tea, one to each person to his/her left. The 4th cup is kept for self-enjoyment.
5. He/she then returns to her seat and finds three new cups of tea waiting - served from the participants seated to his right.
All taste one another's tea.
6. The participants brew their tea again, pour it into 4 small paper cups and offer the tea to four different participants—those that haven't been served yet—standing behind them.
7. Repeat until all participants are served, then repeat until all spectators are served.

From the Blog: Discover Teas founder Chris Farishon shares her moving experience of attending a Wu Wo Tea Ceremony at the World Tea Expo:


2170 William Styron Square
Newport News VA 23606
(757) 320-4033



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