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Your Local Tea Adventure

Experience tea on a whole leaf level! Visit us at our convenient pick-up locations in fellow small local businesses throughout the Hampton Roads area to browse some Discover Teas favorites. You can also select your closest pick-up location for us to ship it there for free!

Our pilot pick-up location is in Williamsburg, Virginia, at Artfully Yours, at 1303 Jamestown Road, Suite I

Our Port Warwick pick-up location in Newport News, Virginia, is at HIP Innovative Studio Boutique, 141 Walt Whitman Avenue, less than a minute's walk from our former location (simply walk left, turn right at Walt Whitman Avenue, and continue for less than half a block).

Got a custom blend? Call us at (757) 847-5190 and we'll pack it up for free pick-up at Artfully Yours!

Want to see us in person? Follow us on Facebook or our e-mail newsletter to see when and where we'll be at our pop-up events!

Artfully Yours (Pick-Up Location)

Artfully Yours pick-up location

You can currently browse a selection of our teas at local educational art studio Artfully Yours in Williamsburg, Virginia, where you can also pick up orders made online for free shipping.

Be on the lookout for more pick-up locations throughout the Hampton Roads area, coming soon! And, of course, stay tuned on our events page on Facebook, where you can find out when our next in-person pop-up event will be!

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